New Year Resolutions with SPEEDZTER

If you are like me, your New Year resolution is to get healthier and happier! I make this mine every year and somehow after like 3 weeks I fall off the wagon which is super annoying. NOT THIS YEAR!! I am so determined to do better this time. I have started planning what my goals are on paper and figuring out how to make those goals reality. One thing I have learned from blogging is that you have to have plans or your goals are just dreams.

One thing I am super excited to use in the gym or outside of the gym, is this Speedzter arm band! I tried it out on one of my morning runs and it kept my phone safe and secure the entire time. If you know me, you know I drop my phone all the time trying to hold it while I am working out. Speedzter makes it super easy to keep your phone in place and secure and their bands come in multiple colors and styles which makes it easy to pair your bands with your outfit!

My favorite part of the band is there is NO velcro! Velcro always itches my skin and never seems to be able to stay. These Speedzter arm bands are made from spandex to keep them up and tight on your arm the whole time!

To help get you started on your New Year resolutions, use code SIERRA for 25% off Speedzter arm band! h

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