Influencing 10k for God’s Kingdom

When you have a blog or social media with a good amount of followers you are called an “influencer.” Well I didn’t realize until this week that I needed to be influencing more people to have a relationship with God.

You know, when you go to church and they are talking DIRECTLY to you.. well yeah that happened to me! Side note: How could you not believe in a God when you go to church and they are talking about your life just as you needed to hear it.

So the big news….Wahoo I hit 10k followers!!! This is huge milestone in a blogger’s life. But the reason 10k means so much though is because Saturday at church, yes Saturday because your girl has been working every Sunday, our preacher began to speak about temptation. His sermon went a little different than I had thought it would. But boy did it make a difference. I felt God talking to me and God asking me, what am I going to do with 10k followers on Instagram?…

The preacher talked about influencing for God’s kingdom and how if we were only doing things for self gain then we are giving in to the kingdom of the world. I sent my husband this exact statement and a picture of the bible I had wrote in. It is so nice to have a partner to grow closer with God with. A friend, a spouse, or anyone (off topic, but seriously this man is my rock. I try to sleep in some Sunday’s and he is always there telling me to get up and go to church. If you knew how hard it was to get him to initially go to the Worship Center you would be laughing so hard.) I want to be that person for someone, I want to be that person telling people hey get up let’s go to church. What better way to influence 10k than by example, exactly what 1 Timothy 4:12 says. Being an example is what is going to lead people to God. From now on I am going to try to post more about God on my Instagram because like the preacher said, we need to influence for God’s Kingdom.

My idea for announcing 10k were those big 34 inch balloons to celebrate however, I kept thinking that was so impersonal. Well, I remembered a bible verse I used to love and live by as a kid; 1 Timothy 4:12 “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, be an example to all believers in your speech, in conduct, in your faith, and purity.” I immediately knew how I wanted to announce 10k. The big balloons seemed to be insufficient now. Well that’s because I wouldn’t be here without God. If He didn’t want me here it wouldn’t have allowed me to be where I am with my Instagram/Blog. Therefore, showing Him appreciation was the best thing I could do, and the only way I knew how was some good ole bible calligraphy.

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