Hypothyroidism Weight-loss

This blog post took A LOT for me to write. I just kept going back and forth with it until I finally decided to sit down and write it. Still unsure if I’ll publish it, but I guess if you are reading it then I took the plunge. 

Let’s rewind to my senior year, 2015. I had gained 30lbs + in months. I chalked it up to my birth control and never thought more of it. You will see later how this is relevant. I got the birth control removed and never really could lose weight but I also didn’t gain a ton. I just always felt bloated.

Well, 2017 came and J was deployed and I tried so hard to lose weight and couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I would eat healthy in an 80/20 fashion and only would lose 5-10lbs over a 6 month period. At the time, I was following a workout program my friend used.

When J got back, I fell back into some bad eating habits but truthfully not too bad. I always have loved healthy food. I would rather have a salad then a burger, however the weight just started piling on. I am in no shape or form saying I was overweight, however, I was unhealthy and unhappy. 

Therefore January 2019 came around and I think Jarrett got tired of me complaining constantly about being “fat” (again I know I wasn’t fat, but I felt disgusted with myself and overall was unhappy) and if you know J, he’s brutally honest. Well, J told me flat out that I needed to either do something about it or stop complaining. This hit me hard. Was I complaining and really not trying? 

Well in about 3 months, I was down 15lbs. I cut out every “bad” food I could think of and Starbucks. I limited myself to eating a certain amount of calories a day and I wouldn’t budge. I would do intermittent fasting some days which actually helped me a lot with bloating. I was probably working harder than most people have to work to lose weight and it still was difficult to get the weight off. I felt like giving up so many times because I felt like I was working my butt off and barely seeing results.

I’m just going to be brutally honest with y’all and tell you I didn’t really have a “cheat” meal until I was down 15lbs. I knew it would tempt me too much. I had Starbucks on clinical days though and that was a treat for me once or twice a week. 

At this point, I was running 3 miles a day or doing an hour of cardio everyday. I actually enjoy cardio therefore, this was not torture to me. 

Well 3 months in, I felt so blah. Really there is no other word for it but “blah,” you would think I would feel good and happy being 15 lbs lighter right? Well, I went to the doctor and he wanted to tell me I was depressed. In no reality would I say depression is not real, I know it’s real, I’ve felt it. However, I KNEW I wasn’t depressed. Like I said, I’ve felt it, I just KNEW that wasn’t it. I asked the doctor to please run all my labs. He assured me everything was 99.9% going to come back normal….

A few days later, I get a call saying everything in fact I was not 100% fine. My TSH level was 16.4 and the normal range is 0.4-4. That is 4 times the normal.  If you do not know much about hypothyroidism, it has a lot of impact on your emotions, how you feel, your weight, and etc. I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was put on levothyroxine (Synthroid). They also may need to remove my thyroid because of possible cysts, that’s a longer story but I’ll keep you updated about that. Praying that is not the case. I had an ultrasound yesterday and will know the results soon.

My doctor basically told me right then that I would always have a problem with losing weight. In fact, he told me the medicine isn’t even linked to weight loss. Like what?? I though this was going to fix all my problems.  He said I would always have to work harder because my metabolism is slower. Really??? There still isn’t a magic pill? However, instead of getting upset and feeling like there was nothing to do, I took this as a challenge. Yes, I have to work harder and eat better than most people to see a difference but it’s possible. I cannot say enough how hard I have worked. The diagnosis and medication didn’t cure me, but it showed me that if I wanted to lose weight and feel better than I would have to work twice as hard.

My doctor said I probably should try to go gluten and dairy free because of some other things we talked about along with the thyroid problem. I did so, and I lost about 5 more lbs. However, I was still working out and making sure my body was in a calorie deficit so I’m not really sure if you can chalk that up to being from cutting gluten and dairy. People want to tell me I lost more weight because of the levothyroxine and to an extent, I agree. I agree that maybe it helped my metabolism and energy. However, I lost 15lbs to hard work and dedication to my body. The other 10lbs I believe was the same thing, I started running 30 mins everyday and doing ab workouts 2 x a week. I felt overall so happy with my body and motivation and being gluten and dairy free gave me the energy I needed. I believe I do have a slight intolerance to both. I began to feel like myself again.

Then, Mississippi hit, I went to Mississippi for a month and at first I was doing so well, eating in, doing good. But, the food got the best of me and I fell back into old habits. No I don’t believe “cheat meals” are bad or necessarily need to be even called a cheat. It’s just food. Food= fuel for your body. However, I think cake batter shakes from sonic necessarily aren’t the best fuel lol. I am excited though to get back into routine of eating clean when I get home.

Ultimately I think my thyroid levels are off again or something because I just don’t feel like myself. But since being home, I have been completely dairy free and limiting my gluten and I feel a lot better. However, I am a girl of routine and I could just feel better because I am back in my own house lol.

Society tells us we cannot brag on ourselves or we are boasting. However, I am so proud of myself. This takes a lot of courage to even post but I finally feel happy with myself and I am far from being done on this journey but I am at a place where I feel like I am happy with myself. Basically, this blog post though is to tell you how diet and exercise do have a huge impact on your body from a mental and physical point of view. I am incredibly pleased with my results over the past 6 months. I am 25 lbs down, and have gained so much self confidence.

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I am not a fitness guru and I am not an expert on weight loss or hypothyroidism. But, I am happy to share my journey with you.

If you like this post, please leave me a comment and if you have any questions I am on open book. Tell me what you would like to know.

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  1. I see you work hard with a smile of determination often! The struggle with our bodies can be such a challenge and rewarding in the end thankfully for most. Thanks for putting this out there. Proud of you.

  2. You look amazing! Hypothyroidism is real tricky. I can always tells when my TSH is off because I become real moody, tired, and sooo cold! My TSH has been as high as 34!! I had to receive a CT scan of my chest for another reason, but they saw a nodule on my thyroid. The ultrasound couldn’t even find it. I’ll be praying for you and your nodules!

    Keep up the amazing work! Think about how far you’ve come since you started your weight loss journey! You should feel so proud!

  3. I hope your perspective allows you the opportunity to see what a well balanced person you are. The world is a better place because of people like you in it.

    And remembering while calculating your weight your other condition.

    Your heart is probable 3x the size of others.

    Love and miss you.

  4. This was so interesting to read because I’ve also been gaining for no reason (except stress), and think it might be something medical. I’m going to ask my doctor to run some tests to check for it, because I’m curious if that’s what’s going on. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kristin,
      Our bodies are such incredible and strange things at the same time. I would deff get your labs checked if you aren’t feeling like yourself.

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