This blog post is in collaboration with Tiffany who sales Monat.

I recently just tried Monat and to be completely honest at first I wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted or thought I was supposed to. However, that was quickly resolved when I realized I wasn’t using enough product. They say to use a dime size amount however, my hair is so thick I had to go up to quarter.

After that, the results were pretty amazing, I cannot say I 100% saw a 360 in my hair results but I can say it was ALOT softer. The results began to show more and more. I am now able to get out of the shower and brush my hair without the tangles that I had before starting to use Monat. If you are a blonde you know the struggle. The ends also look stronger and not so stringy as before. I have before and afters that can be sent to you if you drop your email in the comments. I did not upload because of the low quality of the photos. The ends of my hair before looked ridiculous stringy and my color looked like it was blotchy gold. The results after show my hair an allover blonde except the little at the roots and I have not gotten my hair done since starting this product. I also feel like the ends look a little fuller and have an allover thickness that the rest of my hair has.

I know I should invest in a better shampoo and conditioner after doing this review with Monat. Their prices are a little pricier but I can definitely tell a difference. I used to think shampoo was shampoo but boy was I wrong. I cannot promise results for you. However, I can say my hair was a lot smoother. I know a lot of people say it adds growth to their baby hairs and helps with damage however, I didn’t see much of a growth in baby hairs and I saw only a little change in the damage that I can tell but I have only been using the product for a few weeks. I can say 100% honestly that it gave my hair a softer feel than normal and made it 100% easier to brush out. That is one reason I am saying I liked Monat. Being able to brush through my hair has been a struggle since I started bleaching it a few years ago. Therefore, I am wondering if I stayed with it, if I would see growth or more help to the damage from the bleach? Have any of you used it longer than a few weeks? Please tell me your reviews in the comments!

For more about the products: @tiffanychatfield

Thank you Tiffany with Monat for collaborating with this post.

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This blog post is sponsored by VII Code, however all opinions are 100% my own.

I recently just tried VII Code masks. VII Code is a professional eye skin care company. The masks I tried were the O2 M Oxygen eye masks. They were designed to rehydrate the skin around the eyes while minimizing the affects of aging under the eyes. I received 6 masks to use each night and have an overall review on.

To say that I need more of these is an understatement. Day 1, I immediately noticed results when I woke up. I didn’t have that puffiness that I usually wake up with under my eyes. My skin felt smooth and looked overall very hydrated. My husband even noticed 2 days in when we were comparing my under eyes to his. I can definitely see this product minimizing fine line and wrinkles with using the full treatment of 3 boxes.

I only received one box with 6 masks and I definitely saw a difference in the crows feet on my eyes. Here are the ingredients and how they work:

  1. Sodium Hyaluronate: Boosts skin’s moisture content, reduce inflammation, and help prevent moisture loss.
  2. Sodium PCA: Helps to retain moisture, prevents our skin cells from losing water and drying out, reduces inflammation, and prevents skin from aging.
  3. Vitamin E: An antioxidant that neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals, which damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  4. Allantoin: Helps to soften and protect, while actively soothing skin. It also stimulates cell regeneration, promoting healthy skin.
  5. Aloe barbadensis, Algin: Helps to hydrate your skin.

My overall opinion on the product is that I would definitely try them again and I do believe if you have wrinkles or puffiness under the eyes, this product could 100% help you. However, if you are a hard sleeper you will wake up with these masks on your fore head or on your pillow. lol. I fixed this problem by putting them on 4 hours before bed time and took them off before bed. For maximum results you should use them for 8 hours but I could not sleep in them. I still saw amazing results with just using them 4 hours before bed time.

Thank you VII Code for the sponsored post.

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My Favorite Everyday Products



Everyday I have mostly the same beauty routine and incorporating these products into it has been a LIFE SAVOR. Keep reading if you’re ready to hear why these are my TOP 5 products that I use everyday.




This Teeth Whitener is in my everyday teeth care routine because of the crazy results I have seen in such a short period of using it. Blogger friends, I also love using it right before I go and take pictures because you can see instant results which I love. This deff is my new fave when it comes to an everyday teeth whitener. It has no harmful chemicals which I LOVE. The Teeth Whitener also would not be the same without the mouthwash. It actually has essential oils in it which is so amazing to me because I LOVE essential oils and I love how this company uses natural ingredients in their products. If you are looking for a product that is safe to use and applies quick results you are definitely in the right place. 




You all know blondes have the worst tangles. I seriously cannot tell you the last time my hair wasn’t tangled but with this eva-nyc product I noticed a true difference in the ends of my hair and a smoother brushing experience. I seriously pull out so much hair when brushing it but since I started using this before I brush my hair, I have noticed that it isn’t as hard on the tangles which is amazing and why I have incorporated it into my everyday hair brushing routine. *Be careful and do not put too close to the roots unless you have extremely dry hair* You can also get it at Ulta for less than $12 which is amazing and much more affordable than most products. The product has amazing benefits including oils that help to strengthen your hair. It protects against UV damage and helps control the frizz on those humid days.


So I know I said these were everyday products and a scrub definitely isn’t an everyday routine but I definitely had to include it because of the experience I have had with the product. I have suffered with acne and small acne scars for a while and I wanted to try a charcoal scrub that truly helped my skin. I can honestly tell you that this product blew me away. I didn’t expect much from it besides to make my skin softer like all the other face scrubs I have tried. But after using this product 

every 3 days for 2 weeks and I can honestly tell you that my face looks so much better. It feels better, my face isn’t breaking out nearly as much and it overall has a added a better glow to my skin. It is from a company called 2nd Kind Beauty which is a beauty company I found that produces NATURAL beauty products. How amazing is it to know that you are using a product that is vegan friendly, paraben free, sulfate free, and eco-friendly. These are the key ingredients in the product and what the ingredients are intended for.


CHARCOAL: visibly reduces pores, removes excess oil from skin, deep cleans skin


BABASSU OIL: fights acne, helps relieve dry/itchy skin, visibly reduces inflammation


TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL: fights acne, helps reduce inflammation, relieves dry/itchy skin


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Smile Brilliant

I am so happy to discuss with y’all my partnership with “Smile Brilliant.” Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening company that focuses on giving you that brighter smile without all the harsh affects other teeth whitening companies will give you. I started my teeth whitening journey with them about a couple weeks ago. Here is the process: 

1. You purchase your kit

2. You wait for your kit to come in the mail, when it arrives you will make your own impressions with the putty they send you. 

3. Send off your impressions in the mail in the prepaid package they send in your kit. 

4. Wait about a week and your impressions will be back! Now, it’s time to start whitening. 

5. I do approximately one line across the bottom tray and one line across the top. 

6. Wait 30 mins to 3 hours. 

7. Take the whitening trays out & put in the desensitizing gel and wait another 15-20 mins. 

8. Brush your teeth!! 

I loved my results with smile brilliant. I have always had yellow discoloration on my teeth from drinking too much sweet tea (it is a southern thing). I honestly can say that I highly recommend this teeth whitening kit. It runs about $150 but the quality is amazing. 



Enter for a chance to win a FREE kit: 
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