Having a friend that blogs has probably been one of the best things that has happened to me since starting to blog. I know that sounds crazy but it is seriously the funnest thing because of 5 reasons.

  1. ASKING SOMEONE TO TAKE YOUR PICS – when you have a friend that blogs you don’t have to worry about getting annoying because you know they are about to ask you to take their pic too. Seriously, LOVE this part of it because I sometimes feel annoying when asking my friends to take an OOTD and Jarrett is usually amazing about it but this way I don’t even have to ask him (well for at least that day 😉 )
  2. SHE LIKES SHOPPING JUST AS MUCH AS YOU- that friend is the one you call for lunch, pics, and shopping. We spent the whole day about a week ago just shopping, taking pics, and eating good food. My three favorite things.
  3. YOU CAN TALK ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE HOBBY- Sometimes I feel annoying when talking to people about my blog. BUT, having a blogger friend is AWESOME because you know she cares about it too and cares about what you have to say.
  4. HELPING EACH OTHER GROW- we can give each other tips on growing our blogs/instagram
  5. YOU CAN SHARE COLLABORATIONS- Sharing collaborations is one of my favorite things. When I get a new one, I usually message my blogger gals and tell them to message this company as well so they can get a good collab too. You should help each other chase their dreams as well.

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