Beauty room sneak peak plus VIICODE

I recently have been all into beauty from hair to skin to nails. I wanted to show you some recent things that I have put into my beauty routine. One thing I wanted to focus on is my under eye wrinkles and overall dullness. I have always had a problem with under eye wrinkles because of using that awful thing called a tanning bed when I was in high school. Recently, I have been trying to find something to smooth those wrinkles under my eyes. I started using VIICODE T2 Oxygen eye cream and I have noticed a remarkable difference in my under eyes. The benefits the product says to have is to help your skin feel more silky, to help with under eye wrinkles, and for the dark circles under your eye. I can 100% agree that these benefits are correct. As soon as you apply it, you can feel the tightness under your eyes.

I have been also using their VIICODE O2.0 oxygen hydrating eye spray which is said to help with the daily tiredness your eyes have. I have been taking it with me on 12 our clinical days and I definitely feel like I do not look as tired once the shift is over.

One thing I love is that if you look up their key ingredients they are mostly from plants, vitamins, and fruit which I think is amazing. Everything is a bit costly but one thing I know my mom always says is to “Invest in your skin! Because, you cannot go back.”

This post is sponsored by VIICODE but opinions are 100% my own.

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