Arbonne experience

So..I recently tried Arbonne and I loved the experience.

First let me tell you about the fizz sticks. People, I crave them now more than I crave coffee and they are a natural energy which is amazing! Look at all this goodness underneath:

I love that they use green tea which is a natural caffeine plus Vitamin B is amazing for you! I tried citrus and blueberry and the citrus was my FAVORITE. Super yummy and the fizzy part of the drink is actually my favorite part. Makes you feel like you are drinking soda when you aren’t. Gimmeee all the fizz sticks!

Next I tried the detox bag which is supposed to:

I could tell in the morning I wasn’t as bloated and the taste was amazing. I drank it before bed and it didn’t keep me up at all. I actually feel like I had a more relaxing sleep. I used to use a lot of detox bags that would drastically make you sick. This detox bag was very gentle on the stomach which is amazing.

Digestion plus, I’m sure you can guess what this does but just in case:

I am trying to get into “gut health” because I’ve always had problems with my gut and this powder is tasteless, I put it in my flavored water and didn’t taste it at all which is amazing to me because I’ve tried a couple supplements like this that had a funny after taste. The facts about gut health are so interesting. Did you know your gut could be causing your anxiety? Might wanna give this a try!

Fiber boost….again probably self explanatory but the benefits of this is amazing especially for those of you that need the help in regulating your gut. I added it in my vanilla protein and it was daaaa bomb.

So unfortunately I hate chocolate but I had a friend try the chocolate protein and she said she loved It! I’m super sad I didn’t get to try the vanilla but I’m so happy my friend loved the chocolate! And if I loved chocolate this is how I would fix them:

Hope y’all loved my review of Arbonne! This was sponsored by @kiarashealthylife but opinions are 100% my own!

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