22 things you might not know about me…

In honor of my 22nd birthday, I am telling you 22 things you might not know about me…

  1. I absolutely hate chocolate and cake.
  2. I have pretty bad anxiety.
  3. One of my pupils is always bigger than the other.
  4. I LOVE to run.
  5. I met the love of my life in the 7th grade.
  6. I got married 10 days before my 18th birthday.
  7. I have a thyroid disorder.
  8. I love to dress cute, but I also enjoy being in an XL tee with a pair of nike shorts.
  9. I have never watched the whole movie of Forrest Gump.
  10. My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.
  11. I have struggled with confidence and self love.
  12. I believe in God and Jesus Christ.
  13. I love the outdoors but I hate the bugs.
  14. I would rather choose to sit indoors when I eat instead of outside.
  15. I love to eat tomatoes with ketchup.
  16. I used to drink ranch as a kid and I’m pretty sure I still would if it was socially acceptable..kidding (kinda).
  17. I never eat fries without ranch.
  18. I can spell Massachusetts without even thinking about it because my school made me learn how to spell all the states in like 3rd grade and I recited it so much it is stuck forever.
  19. I love to go to the beach, however, my favorite part is getting cute and going out to eat that night.
  20. I LOVE math. Math is by far my favorite subject.
  21. I have been sky diving.
  22. I hate noodles that are hot, I will only eat cold pasta. Ex. Pasta salad.

All of my outfits include a clothing item from Chicwish and is linked under each individual photo. Chicwish is one of my favorite clothing boutiques by far and I am never disappointed with what I get. The quality is amazing and the fit is always perfect. I am wearing a size small in everything. I have read multiple reviews to size up in their clothing but I have never had to do that. I would stick to your true size.

This blog post is sponsored by Chicwish but opinions are 100% my own.

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